The Importance Of A Minority Government

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When practiced correctly, a minority government can be an improvement on a single-party majority. Instead of one party controlling government, minority governments allow for multi-party governance, which promotes compromise between political parties. A minority government does not hinder a governing party because it promotes accountability to the legislature, which allows a more open and inclusive decision making process, that ultimately provides a Prime Minister a range of important resources which allow an effective government.

Under a minority government, no one party dominates policymaking and legislative processes like a single-party majority. In the Canadian parliamentary system, the principle of responsible government requires the political executive to respond to criticism in the legislature (Thomas, 2007). In a complexity of potential cooperative agreements between opposition parties, the governing party can maintain confidence. For example, in countries including Canada, contract parliamentarism, where opposition parties agree to support the government in return for policy on other concessions, is used (Akash et al., 2010, p. 216) . Parties are still able to retain discretion to decide their own position on most matters. Therefore, parties work together in order to secure minority agreements that often survive a full parliamentary term (Akash et al., p. 216). The minority government must accept responsibility for actions taken by them to retain the “confidence”
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