The Importance Of A More Effective Type Of Teacher Evaluation System

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Danielson’s main purpose in writing the article is to explain the need for a more effective type of teacher evaluation system. She wants to describe the weaknesses of the checklist type of teacher evaluations that has been used as the norm in the past. Danielson describes a more effective form of teacher evaluation that will be useful for the administrator and also the teacher. Teacher evaluations are very critical in decision making for schools because this is a way for them to credibly show the school board that they have highly effective teachers and at the same time allow those highly effective teachers an opportunity to grow and learn in the situation. Danielson suggests that in the past administrators have been more worried about the decision making process and being able to give evidence that the teachers they have hired are doing an high quality job. Danielson describes two main reasons why we should evaluate teaching including making sure that you have high quality teaching and for professional development. She makes the point that these two reasons are not able to be met by the old method of checklist evaluation. For a teacher evaluation to be effective and useful they need to be able to meet both types of criteria including evaluating high level teaching and professional development. Danielson explains that when thinking about the criteria of evaluating high level teaching that there are important parts of the process that creates a valid evaluation process.
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