The Importance Of A Network And Its Purpose

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1-Describe the concept of a network and its purpose. In your own words, explain why networks are important and what the potential utilization in healthcare is or might be. A network is a group of computers that are linked together to improve communication and data transfer (Cowley, 2012). Each computer in the network can still function independently. These networks communicate over wires, cables, radio waves, or satellites (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2013). The purpose of a network is to connect computers to facilitate a common purpose, for example, communication within a hospital or nursing home for patient care. In my role as an MDS Coordinator, my computer is connected to our company’s network; however, my access to the network is limited to electronic health records that pertain to residents within in my facility and a shared drive that contains information that is pertinent to all facilities in our company. One file I use on the shared drive is the RAI manual, this is the federal regulation that dictates what I do on a daily basis. By placing this manual on the shared drive for each MDS coordinator to access, the corporation saves money because they no longer have to purchase printed copies of the manual for each building. Networks are vital in the healthcare industry. Improvements in network technology can help transform healthcare. Networks have the potential to connect healthcare providers across the continuum of healthcare. The idea is to connect the nation’s…
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