The Importance Of A New Team Work

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One major concern in the organization, is that company is spending money due to the high turnover, the associates leave the company for lack of personnel development or because they burned up. By changing management style, the company will reduce turnover rates and will reduce the learning curve process. Electrical Drives Division has already started with trainings and courses for existing and new managers, and this process needs to continue as a part of a new culture and mindset, the organization needs to reinforce the new management style and find new alternatives to increase the leadership skills in all managers. The cost will be less compared to the benefits and productivity increase.
A. Creating a new team work

Leadership is not only a manager’s responsibility, also includes the associates, top management, and involves all departments and functional areas. It is a continuing improvement process requires a commitment from all organizations. The results won’t be fast; nevertheless, if people are committed the implementation process will be easy.

During the interview with Mr. Thon, One of his comments was that Bosch is implementing a new culture based on mentoring for all associates that are interested in a carrier plan; one member of top management will guide the associate by helping him to identify his opportunity areas and will support him/her in reduce weaknesses.

As presented in figure 3, an alignment between leadership skills and employee needs is needed.
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