The Importance Of A Nurse And A Healthcare Assistant

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In this assignment I 'm going to be talking about the job role of a nurse comparing it to another professional in the same sector, I 'm also going to be talking about ethics in nursing, qualities and values a nurse should have, teamwork and supervision and how it can support nursing staff, regulations that nurses have to adhere too and the employment opportunities a nurse will have. Job role- Nurses play an important role in the healthcare sector. They work as part of a multi disciplinary team composing of doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, pharmacists, anaesthetists etc… There are many different branches of nursing from paediatric (children 's nursing) to mental health nurses. It is important when training as a nurse to make an…show more content…
Nurses are trained in more technical things such as taking blood, giving blood transfusions,administering medication through various different ways such as through an IV, orally or as a suppository. Nurses are also allowed to help surgeons in theatre. All in all nurses have much more responsibility than healthcare assistants which is why the difference in the level of training each has is so great. Nurses also have the advantage of being able to educate patients, draw up treatment plans record patient notes and decide when patients are ready for discharge and then discharge them. ethical dilemmas that nurses may face: Right to die- an adult nurse faces many ethical dilemmas in their job role. One of the most common dilemmas nurses will face will be elderly or terminally ill patients that either refuse medication that had been prescribed for them or directly ask to be left to die. Legally healthcare professionals are not allowed to help patients to die as this is governed by law. There are only a few know cases of people who have been granted the right to die, one case was the case of a 43 year old social care professional known as miss B. Miss B had been left paralysed from the neck down and left unable to breathe unaided after she ruptured a blood vessel in her neck a year earlier.
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