The Importance Of A Nurse Bad Mouth A Patient Or A Doctor?

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In a hospital you see doctors, nurse, lab techs, counseling and patients all in a building together. They all work together in harmony to treat the patients that they are assigned to. Have you ever seen a nurse bad mouth a patient or a doctor? Besides the movies and TV shows, everyone in the hospital are respectful and courteous to other around them. But what makes all these professions work well together without being disrespectful to each other? That 's right professionalism. To be professional in the work place is important for many reason such as providing a safe, mannerly environment for the patients and staff working in that environment. Some types of professionalism in the medical workplace are how to communicate appropriately with each other, respecting others and maintaining being professional. Each plays an important role in making safe and respected medical workplace. First, communicate is an important aspect in any work environment. Communication is needed to discuss topics that need improvement or are well done. It 's also needed to pass on other information that is deemed necessary for the rest of the work team to know. In a hospital environment, nurse and doctors communicate all the time, such as what they think is needed for a patients best well being. Not only do doctor and nurse communicate but patients also communicate to nurses and doctors also about how they are feeling and what is going on with them. Communication has come a long way from the 1900s…
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