The Importance Of A Nurse Discharge Planner For The Medicare Bundles Program

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Family as Context Family as context is referenced with children or young adults as the patient, and family participation involvement. You can take the child out of the family, but you cannot take the family out of the child (Toepfer & Horner, 2013). As Nurses, we must look beyond the patients’ needs not only during their admission in the hospital, but after discharge. Meeting this need requires interaction with family members, guardians or caretakers. This interaction allows for the family nurse to assess the needs not only of the patient but assess the capabilities of the family. During my time of employment as a nurse discharge planner for the Medicare Bundles program, to prevent readmission back into the hospitals, I encountered a…show more content…
This was a task that had taken her years to perfect to prevent him from leaving the house in the middle of the night, because of this the child didn’t drink at night and held his urine for long periods of time creating the perfect environment for urinary infections. More prodding and discussions reveled she only had 1 bathroom in a three story house. The one bedside commode, she had was downstairs and she was not physically able to keep moving the commode due to her health. Understanding that the mother is the primary caregiver and needed help meeting her sons needs allowed me to better meet the needs of my patient. The patient was discharged with four portable commodes meeting not only his needs, but allowing the family as context help the patient achieve this need. Family as Client Family as client, seeks understanding and knowledge on how the health of one affects the family unit. This approach to family nursing is something close to my heart. Four years ago, my husband was a prominent successful business man. He was the owner of the family restaurant that had been in the family for 100 years. Our marriage was a typical burnt out marriage, not enough hours in the day for everyone. We have two children, Nodyia 29, married in Oregon, then there is Vito Jr. 15 (now) and intellectually developmentally delayed. My husband is affectionately known as Big Vito to everyone, and loved by all, after all he is the life of everyone’s party. That

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