The Importance Of A Nurse For Providing Professional, Compassionate Care

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In this essay, the writer is going to explore the role of a nurse in providing professional, compassionate care. The writer will illustrate the awareness of the 6Cs which are compassion, communication, courage, competence, care, commitment and they are ineluctable in providing care to achieve a better health outcome (National Health Service 2012). Furthermore, the essay will demonstrate the theoretical perspectives that underpin nursing practise by reflecting the NHS core values and the NHS Constitution (Department of Health 2012) which is based on improving patient’s care when compassionate care is being put into practise. In addition to this, nurses are underpinned by legal rules that uphold the reputation of nursing profession at all times and patient’s safety (Reader et al 2013). The essay will demonstrate an awareness of the professional, legal and ethical aspects in nursing practice to promote quality care so that patients will be treated as individual, with respect and dignity (Nursing and Midwifery Council 2015). Moreover, the writer will use a service user from her practise placement to relate on how the role of a nurse in providing compassionate care, holistic complexity of healthy, and person centred care in context of the 6Cs. Smith is 65 and was admitted for laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal (TAPP) surgery because he was diagnosed of inguinal hernia. When Smith was admitted nurses asked him which name he preferred to be called because it is a

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