The Importance Of A Nurse Has While They Are Caring For Their Patients

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There are many different roles that a nurse has while they are caring for their patients. In general, when a person thinks of nurses they think of a person that is going to care for them while they are recovering from an illness; however, not everyone recovers and nurse’s care for the terminally ill and the family and friends of loved ones that have passed away. Nurses play an important role in bereavement care of patients and families. Bereavement is practically a universal life experience. It is the public display of grief that a person shows when they have lost someone they love. Most bereaved people will experience normal, uncomplicated grief reactions and will recover from their loss within a reasonable time period, without the need…show more content…
The nurse should be able to recognize and educate the patient, and the patients loved ones about the type of disenfranchised grief that they may be experiencing. Grief itself is not pathology, the ramifications of unresolved grief can be severe (Mortell, 2015). There are also four tasks of mourning that the nurse will recognize the bereaved experience during their care. It is important for the nursing staff to be more sensitive and receptive to family grieving and be better equipped to provide proper grief care (Hsiao, 2010). These four task of mourning are considered necessary for the bereaved person to accomplish before they are able to engage in new relationships. Bereavement Care: A Role for Nurses Bereavement is defined as the state or the fact of being bereaved or deprived of someone or something. During the bereavement process people may experience a period of intense grief, which can negatively impact their physical and psychosocial wellbeing (Waller et al., 2016). This may be known as complicated grief and be accompanied by symptoms of loneliness, isolation, suicidal thoughts, and an obsession with the deceased person that they are mourning over. Sufferers also tend to show no or limited interest in ongoing life. Factors that
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