The Importance Of A Pastoral Minister Is A Humbling Experience

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The ability to serve God in the role of a pastoral minister is a humbling experience and one that has to be taken very seriously. The ability to enter into personal situations, positive or negative, with other human beings when they are looking for support to circumstances in their life can be life changing for all people involved. It is imperative that the pastor develop a solid understanding of theology. It is also important to note that individuals will indeed develop different understandings of God’s word. Theology, according to Charles Wood and Ellen Blue “is a way of paying attention to God, and to everything else in its “God-relatedness””. Theology is going to be learned as an activity. Learning through “attending to reality in a certain way, struggling to understand, studying, analyzing, deliberating, forming judgments and so forth” are all examples of learning through activity. From the activity type of learning theology, a person moves into the “judgment or conclusion” that were formed from the activity theology. This is often expressed through “words or in actions – in systemic accounts of the Christian faith, in doctrinal proposals, conciliar pronouncements, sermons, hymns, liturgies, emergency relief efforts, campaigns for social justice” and in many other ways. The brief definition that Wood and Blue presented is more enormous than first thought when an individual reads it because “nothing is outside the scope of theological reflection, because…
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