The Importance Of A Patient Newly Diagnosed With Iddm

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Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, or IDDM, is something that I have always had an interest and passion for. At the age of twelve, I was diagnosed with IDDM. At that time, my life changed drastically. I went from being what I considered to be a “normal” twelve year old to “different". The things that I have done and learned throughout the course of my life with diabetes, has allowed me to better relate to my patients and help them out during their time of illness. I am blessed and thankful that I am in the healthcare field and able to comfort my patients the way that I am. This paper will present a case study that will involve a patient newly diagnosed with IDDM. Through out this paper, assessment questions, physical examination, ethical decisions as well as care plans will be discussed. Through out my paper, I will look to impart some of the personal experiences that I have gone through, in an effort to help further educate others. Case Study A 12 year old female and her mother present to the emergency department after the mother states she has noticed recent changes with her daughter over the past two weeks. Mother states that she has noticed her daughter is urinating frequently as well as sleeping most of the day. Also, she states that it appears as if her daughter has lost a decent amount of weight. Upon assessment patient denies any nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dysuria, abdominal pain. Patient denies any medical history, medications and allergies.

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