The Importance Of A Person Has A Good Work Ethic

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In America some jobs are more sought after than others, and to hold these positions without having it taken away requires experience and a good work ethic. There are many ways to show that a person has a good work ethic. Some are going to college and graduating with good grades. Others are getting and holding a job in or after high school or doing internships. However, there can be complications when a person is trying to show their interviewer that they have a good work ethic. Without a previous job or internship there is not much information about the individual applying for the job. Thus the employer might choose another worker. Even if the person without a previous job or internship is a harder worker with a better work ethic, they cannot show this until they are hired, and that is a risk that several companies do not take. Impressing potential employers requires the ability to show that one can receive and hold a previous job, or have been an internship that give the intern with experience in the work field. One way to make a resume impressive is to have prior work experience. Not only does this show that a person can hold a position at a place of work, but it also gives the potential employer a source to contact and receive more information about that individual. Having a prior job can make you appear to be a better candidate for the prospective job than someone with the same education and work ethic, but has not had a job. In fact, college students may…

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