The Importance Of A Physician For A Hospital And Working For Or Starting A Private Practice

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Choosing between working in a hospital and working for or starting a private practice is an important decision in a physician’s career. Any person interested in the medical field would have an opinion, idea, or even questions about this decision. This issue has some constraints because like with every profession technology, legislation, supply and demand combine to create either an ideal, neutral or even hostile environment. The medical field especially as it is an ever-changing industry due primarily to innovation in technology, enactment of healthcare laws, research and development in the pharmaceutical industry and jockeying of payers in the insurance industry. For this reason instead of evolving every ten or twenty years, it can easily change within six months depending on the economy or political atmosphere or changes in legislations. The requirements to becoming a physician are a long and grueling process. With hard work and providence, after college, medical school, an internship, and completion of a residency you receive your license to practice medicine. In this paper, the benefits and the disadvantages of a physician choosing to work in a hospital versus choosing to work in or for a private practice; such as, the impact on patients, how it might affect the physician professionally, and how it relates to health care currently are evaluated. Physicians have three major options to choose from considering how to practice medicine in the 21st century. They may choose to…
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