The Importance Of A Physiotherapist And An Integrated Approach

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The purpose of a physiotherapist is to support individuals in reviving movement to their body and to make sure that their body is functioning normally, especially if the individual is ill, injured or disabled. Most physiotherapists take an integrated approach, this mean that they focus on the body as a whole rather than looking into the individuals factors of an injury or illness. For example, if an individual obtains a back pain, it may have been caused for a number of reasons such as; poor posture, overstretching or from lifting heavy objects.

Most physiotherapist wok in a variety of health care settings such as private practices, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, community centres and gyms. They usually work with multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers which include occupational therapist, nurses, doctors, social workers and health care assistants.

Competence is when you have the ability in doing something successfully or efficiently. This will be skill is required when working as a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist would be seen as competent if they have relevant qualifications and experience in the field. Another example, would be following the mandatory procedures such as dealing with confidential information, a physiotherapist would be deemed as competent if they conduct these tasks correctly and sufficiently.

A physiotherapist is required to have a good academic background, which includes a science-based qualification. In…
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