The Importance Of A Planning Practice At The Asian Region

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Introduction According to Abbot and Adler (467), the history identifies a set of opportunities that must be a part of a planning practice, it should provide practical ways to define and explore the actual institution and theoretical settings to balance the situation. This statement takes me back in time while visiting the Asian Region such as the Philippines during my childhood, it is probably one of the most wonderful experiences I ever had. I would like to look back on the beauty of the Philippines more than ten years ago, particularly the Banaue Rice Terraces in Cordillera. Although this place is naturally beautiful and considered as the unofficial 8th Wonders of the World according to the UNESCO World Heritage during 1995 (Brown, Brown & Walder, 2006), but this place has gained little popularity. The place needs restoration because of the constant rains and floods, there are also illegal loggers that are cutting down the trees and ruining their resources. It is a sign that it has not given significant importance or it is somehow neglected. According to history, the native people choose to live on the mountain rather than be taken as slaves by the Spanish tyrants during the war. Civilization and modernization have come after the invasion, but they are able to preserve their culture, language, and history when they choose to settle in this isolated place. According to Mandelbaum (185-188), a sense of history is good for the profession because it builds solidarity and
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