The Importance Of A Pre Service Teacher

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According to £ by the time tertiary educations is undertaken a pre service teacher has already banked up over 12,000 hours of experience.
This experiences has been achieved through school attendance. This time is referred to by (lortie 1975 ,p.61)as an“ apprenticeship of observation”. However, unbeknown to students each one has observed a variety of teachers function at different levels of professionalism and experience. Thus, forming a cultural understanding of what a teacher is and furthermore what a good teacher is.
Although 12000 hours seems extensive and some argue adequate experience to imitate teaching. Pre service teachers lack the understanding of the methods and that conventions of knowledge that have been employed throughout their classroom experience

This semester we have undertaken to address these factors, in order to dissect our prior knowledge and cultural understanding .and then reconstruct a new persona drawing from past inspiration and present learning. There have been 8 different subject matters that have been presented thus far this semester, each broaching different angles of professional development that will further engage one’s life learning and eventual journey to being an accomplished teacher.
In this essay I will be reflecting on two subject that throughout this semester I have found pertinent and thought provoking.

Topic one: teaching
& states that one of the largest concerns for pre service teachers, is the literal element of
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