The Importance Of A Primary Key Component Of An Improvement Plan

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A primary key component of an improvement plan is the sustainability plan. This is developed to assist with obtaining goals and objectives of the organization and maintaining. It is broken into four distinct sections: Bundle of Actions, Data Analysis and Results, Communication, and Training. The sustainability plan will address the procedural Sedation procedure, documentation audit, data gathering, data analysis, result reporting, the project team, department leaders, certification renewal and department huddles and miscellaneous activities. Each of these elements within the sustainability plan, will have an assigned action, responsible person, and frequency. Following this lay-out makes it clear and in written documented form what the…show more content…
Leadership, will provide sponsorship for process changes, the Nursing Director will be accountable to communicating the identified needs of the initiatives to ongoing to the Executive leadership team. Training, staff certification renewals and competency will be monitored by the Staff Education department on an annual basis, the department RN manager is to oversee that all staff are re-certified and competent before work shifts are assigned. Team or department huddles, are quick and efficient ways to share information, changes and reinforcement for the procedural sedation navigator tool utilization and documentation practices. The Department RN managers are responsible for leading the huddles twice daily (Morning and evening shifts). The last area is listed as miscellaneous and generally for Question and Answer refresher that can be conducted during the procedural sedation quality meetings, department meeting, team huddles and 1:1 coaching session. This activity will take place ongoing and is the responsibility of all level of staff. It is vital to obtain approval and acceptance of the recommended improvement plan to all departments and leaders involve. The understanding the importance of both the monitor and control plan and the sustainability plan, will lead to an increase in success rates of the overall plan. It is vital that efforts to support and address all areas of the project so that there are no gaps that can
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