The Importance Of A Project Management Skills

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The importance to teach project management skills through this course cannot be emphasized enough as it remains to be the most sought after expertise for organizations across the work force industry. The knowledge imparted through this course has influenced the ability to manage projects by introducing specific frame work customized to the project needs. As the coursework required analyzing projects from diverse industries, it provided an opportunity to assess the project cycle with respect to their individualized preferences. The projects evaluated included Government funded initiatives; NGO led projects as well as individual past projects that involved self-involvement. This process led to a detailed understanding of the diverse…show more content…
Strong visioning techniques are key determinants that link the planning phase to evaluation. The vision provides a basis on which to develop the goal and purpose of your project (Prince, S., & Squire, C. (2007). This eventually reflects in the strategy adopted to plan the evaluation phase as it forms a platform to assess outcomes by aligning them with the goals and objectives of the project. Thus, employing evaluation methods that relate to the projects vision increases its accountability and offers paths for future learning and improvements. As a team we were tasked with the responsibility to analyze the project cycle of three distinct projects from different industries. Our first assignment involved analyzing past projects that we were a part of by evaluating strengths and weaknesses and reflecting on the project processes. This was followed by two tasks involving evaluation of programs from both government and NGO organizations. The intent of the task was to differentiate the stages of each program and assess their practicality with the proposed outcomes and objectives. To demonstrate the importance of evaluation, I aim to explain the process by analyzing it through the lens of above mentioned projects. The evaluation process if structured suitably at each phase of the project cycle provides us with the most relevant feedback that can be incorporated to avoid
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