The Importance Of A Project Management System

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Executive Summary The following report is aimed at exploring the importance of a project management system and its role in determining the final outcome of a project. The report will allow the reader to understand the reasons that attribute to the success and also the failure of a project. Most projects are considered a failure although the final objective is accomplished as they are not able to adhere to the fundamental factors of cost, quality and time. The reasons for this are highlighted in the report and the author provides some tools and techniques that can be used in project management to facilitate project success. Some of the limitations of this research are discussed and the author provides recommendations that can be used to add…show more content…
The research includes an in-depth analysis of Work Breakdown Structure, Critical Path Analysis and Systems thinking as the tools to be used with the project management system. 2.0 Scope of Literature Review This report was compiled through the study of peer reviewed articles from the following databases and journals dated 2007 and after. Databases: Elsevier ScienceDirect, EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Taylor & Francis, DOAJ Directory Journals: International Journal of Project Management International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making IEEE Software Applied Mathematical Modelling International Journal of Production Research Chemical Engineering Decision Support Systems Tooling and Production Journal of Software Communications of the IBIMA Automation in Construction Evaluation and Program Planning Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology 3.0 Project Management In the current world of strategic competitiveness, organizations have begun using Project Management as a tool or method to increase productivity. Managers are being encouraged to use Project Management systems over the traditional functional management systems due to its effectiveness and the achievement of multiple benefits (Mir and Pinnington 2014, 202). According to Attarzadeh and Ow (2008, 234), project management
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