The Importance Of A Project Within A Community

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2.1 Site Location After looking at the demand and the importance of such a project within a community, the site was chosen, even though the design concept and approach were not fully defined. However the design project and the form will be highly influence by the site and its environment. The site of the Project is located on the western part of Beijing in Xichen District right on the Nanxiange Street. The project location is within an old town community of Beijing. (show maps) Figure? Figure? Figure? 2.1.2 Site Selection The site was chosen within the capital of city of Beijing because of it high concentration of old town community scattered all over the city. The Nanxiange community was then selected among all because of it old…show more content…
The green pattern creates a consistent and continuous flow on the road side starting from the south of the Nanxiange Street and ending toward the north. (show map with the green) Figure ? Figure ? Because of its important position and its reliability to the community, the existing public toilet located right at the entrance of the site is to be removed and relocated within our site, in a more appropriate location giving its own access in order to maintain more privacy for the users and still maintain the same surrounding spaces. However in view to preserve the environment the old tree in the south center of the site was maintained to create a possible courtyard or any type of gathering space under the it. Lastly the old fabric building that has not been use for years was taken down in order to create more useful space for the new project (show corresponding map) 2.1.4 Constraints The site location has some existing structures on it which did not make the entire process easy because on their controversial nature in relation to the nature of the project. Firstly there is a public toilet right on what could be considered as the entrance of the site. It is currently in use, and serves the population living around and those just passing by. Then there is also an old tree just behind the public toilet which seems to have been there for ages and it is also mixed with some abandoned fabric
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