The Importance Of A Public Relations Agency

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One of the biggest questions that individuals or companies ask if whether to have an in-house public relations department or to turn to a public relations agency. There are many benefits to using a firm or working in a firm. From a business standpoint, using an agency is very beneficial. The public relations firms already have connections and relationships established with media outlets, which makes it easier for an agency to place press releases or articles into almost every form of media. Another benefit of using an agency is that they give an objective view at the business or individual about what is considered newsworthy and worth promoting. Finally, an agency can give constant public relations activity. They have more time to work on the public’s perception of a product or service, which most internal public relations departments do not. However, every advantage comes with a disadvantage. Public relations agencies are typically costly. They can charge either hourly, with a flat fixed fee, or a combination of both. There is also the possibility of conflict of interest. “A typical PR firm employee will work on at least 2-3 accounts simultaneously. Often a single person on the account team will achieve the bulk of the results for those clients” (Van, 2007). There may be times where the firm a business has hired will be working on competitors companies. Also, because the company is so large, it is difficult to be as flexible and nimble as smaller niche agencies. As for a…
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