The Importance Of A Qualitative Analysis Of Comparative Market Data For Your Business Essay

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5. Identify and review a range of external sources of information (such as relevant books and articles, information on the internet, benchmarking studies) in order to conduct a qualitative analysis of comparative market data for your business. Write up the results of your qualitative analysis.
External sources of information Results of reviewing these sources
Book name: Guide to the Fashion industry
Written by Holly Han
Published in 2003, by Vault Inc. The book provides information about fashion, especially a basic guide for doing business in fashion industry. It gives an insight into the industry with the overview of fashion, the industry culture, education programs needed, how to cope with the changes in design and manufacturing, take steps to reach customers, implement effective marketing strategies, analyse current market data to predict future earnings and successful distribution channels as going retails along with catwalks and models.
Industry association report: Australian Fashion Report 2015
Authors: Gershon Nimbalker, Jasmin Mawson and Claire Clemen The report indicates changes and improvements of Australian Fashion industry from 2013 to 2015, in which the number of brands granted increased significantly from 128 to 219 and the brands responsive increased from 54% to 75%. The report also gives us an overview of Australian fashion, stages of production, good practice highlights, supply chains and overall business performance based on its revenue, code of conduct,
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