The Importance Of A Quality Trait That I Value Is Hard Work

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A quality trait that I value is hard work. Many things that have obtained throughout my life were not given to me by chance or luck, but through a series of commitments and dedications. Below I will present some moments of my life that helped me develop my work ethic. At age 10, I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. During this period of my life, I went from being a child with a normal lifestyle, to a child whose life was being tested at an early age. I remember I had to take about 9 different medication pills daily. A man from the hospital would come every single day, and would not leave my house until I would finish all the medicines being given. I was home-schooled for almost a year. I was treated for tuberculosis for about 8 months. At the time, people would feel pity for me. However, I was making the best of the situation. I read lots of books, and had a lot of fun watching television. I remember I would tell one of my best friends that although he may be more active in physical sports, I was being more active with my mind. I was very thankful that I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis early, and that the treatment cured me. This period of time marked the beginning of my passion for reading. At age 16, I was told by my parents that we were not California residents, and that we did not have many privileges that citizens or residents of the state might have. This was not an easy time for me, for I believed I had no future in store for me. I had no mentors, I had nobody to help
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