The Importance Of A Registered Nurse Is From My Family

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Introduction My motivation to choosing to be a registered nurse is from my family. My mom and aunt are nurses here in Indiana, my older sister who’s a nurse in Milwaukee. My mom worked part time while I was young. I could see myself doing the same but fulltime. Having to spend quality time with my patients and their families looking up to me to make things better for them is an inspiration. Nursing today are becoming successful and more degrees are available so that gives me confidence towards becoming a nurse or even a physicians while in school. Nursing is highly professional and extremely flexible. I have no second thoughts about being a RN. While in High school I worked in a hospital with my mom because she needed the extra help. I developed many close relationships with our residents and looked forward to helping them each day I came to work. Yet, I felt overwhelmed with the difficulty of the type of work. Everything was being rushed and I only had so much time to do anything. Working with the nurses was not easy, because they had to instruct me on almost everything. It was nonstop so whenever there was a task to be done I made sure I did it quick. Finally being able to experience with something I want to major in really help me decide if I wanted to be in this position of a job. An environment towards helping people and never having time to look at the clock. Although Nursing is not always easy and relaxed. You are quickly moving towards each situation, keeping your
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