The Importance Of A Relational Database Management System

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We know that a Relational Database Management System is required for manipulating data in an efficient manner. Therefore, many applications and web servers adopted this technology for storing, retrieving and manipulating their data. This system was working well until the advent of Big Data.
From the early 21st century when the web data started growing in an exponential way, the conventional RDBMS system were unable to cope up with the advancement of this huge data traffic. Therefore, developers were started to find a different way to sort out the upcoming disaster and that gave the birth of NOSQL.
1. What is NoSQL
NoSQL is a database technology developed to overcome the limitations of the Relational Database technology that to match the rhythm with modern web applications. NoSQL refers non-SQL or non-relational and doesn 't support ACID(Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) Properties. This technology is developed to cope with Big Data which is measured in petabytes. The common factors which are considered for adopting the NoSQL system are Big Data, Big Users, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things (IOT).
2. Architecture of NoSQL
If we dig deep we will see that selecting a NoSQL system can become difficult if you don 't have adequate knowledge of the data type you are about to use in your project. There are four types of data models available in NoSQL system, Key-Value store, Document Store, Tabular Store and Object Store. I am giving a brief description of each…
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