The Importance Of A Safe And Healthy Learning Environment

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Early childhood has been on a high due to new research that has proved its effect on education of a child. The goals of Early Childhood programs are to provide programs to children and their parents that support the children in learning, daily routine practice, health needs including wellness, and to strengthen the gap between home and school. All of these goals are beneficial to the student as an individual learner. If a child is healthy and well, then they will be more likely to succeed inside the classroom. A child will also benefit from a tighter gap between home and school; this tighter gap caused by communication can lead a child down the right path as they grow older. If a parent is supportive to the child in their academic endeavors, then the child will be more encouraged and determined to succeed in school. Learning Environment It is important to create a safe and healthy learning environment in order to ensure communication. Communication leads to trust, and trust leads to a safe learning environment for the children. Many children view school as a refuge such as the children that live in the school district known as the ‘Corridor of Shame.’ This district is located in South Carolina on the I 95 corridor. The students in these schools come from poor home lives and view school as a place that is safe and comforting. In my Moore Scholar class at Clemson University, we read a book written by Pat Conroy (2002) titled The Water is Wide, in this book the
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