The Importance Of A Second Leadership Competency

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A second leadership competency that I have been able to develop throughout this project is “communicating effectively with the healthcare consumer and colleagues” (American Nurses Association, 2010, p. 55). Leading a project is rather stressful, and requires good communication and organization. While I felt I was good at communication prior to the project, my skills have definitely improved since the project has begun. I have learned that all people so not communicate the same and that some people are not good with communication. Still come people do not communicate at all. I have found that even when I felt I was communicating well, preception of what is being said and how an e-mail is read is a huge battle. I have learned how to write an email and re-read it several times before sending it to ensure that the message I am trying to get across is how each person will read the e-mail. It is essential when working with a group to take all imput as valuable, even if it is not the same vision that the leader has. Ineffective communication can dismantle an entire project and produce a large amount of stress and anguish among all members. It am thankful that the interdisciplinary team on this project are very supportive and strive for good communication. An additional leadership competency that I have taken from this project is to “mentor colleagues for the advancement of nursing practice, the profession and the quality of healthcare” (American Nurses Association,
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