The Importance Of A Special Place At The Tri County Ymca

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When one thinks of the term YMCA, what does the connotation bring to mind? When asked this question, Katie Feldmeyer, Director of Healthy Living at the Tri-County YMCA, replied, “To most, the Y is thought of as a gym—a place to go for exercise. For me, my Y experience goes far beyond utilizing its gym on a daily basis. The positive atmosphere―smiles, laughter, and friendly camaraderie—that radiates within the Y makes it one of my favorite places to be . . . The Y is a place where all are welcome, which is what I love most about it. All family types, all ages, and all socioeconomic statuses can be found at our Y. It is a place that allows all, from young to old, to build a lasting relationships and strengthen one another in mind, …show more content…

Upon further investigation, the committee discovered the town had no resources available to perform the maintenance and upkeep required with a town pool; however, each time the town conducted a survey, the answer concluded unanimously: the citizens wanted a pool. How exactly did a YMCA come into the picture? John Knust, a resident of Ferdinand, traveled to a swim meet where he watched his daughter compete. While at the meet, small talk led to igniting the spark about a YMCA. At the meet, one of the spectators mentioned his daughter practiced at their local YMCA. Then the research process began, and Mohr and Knust had traveled to nearly twenty YMCA’s. As with every project, Mohr and the committee encountered some stumbling blocks. First, the family of an intoxicated man that died on his way home from the celebration filed a lawsuit against the sesquicentennial. This cost the committee two years and a significant amount of money. (Mohr 1) Another major road block consisted of getting the community of Ferdinand to understand what the YMCA stood for and what it will offer to the community of Ferdinand. Amidst of the stumbling blocks, Mohr showed determination and refused to give up: she knew it was the perfect way to get the youth involved in Ferdinand. (2) At this point, Mohr and the committee conceived the idea of Tri-County YMCA. Now the project narrowed, how did they go about obtaining a

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