The Importance Of A Speech On The Audience

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When making a speech, it is important that the speaker understands who their audience is. By understanding the characteristics of their listeners, the speaker is able to tailor their speech so that it involves topics that interest the audience. The listeners will then be more attentive and interest in listening to the message. In this Communication class, my classmates are my audience because they are the ones who will be listening and giving me feedback. In order to make effective speeches, there are specific characteristics that I must take into consideration to make sure that I modify my speeches according to their values and interests so that they will listen attentively.

Knowing the demographics of my audience beforehand can really help me prepare for the message of my speech. Therefore, a characteristic of my listeners is that they are all young adults between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one. In order to appeal to this age group, I must make sure that the topic that I choose to present must be something that this age group values so that they 'll show interest. Also, I must make sure any references or words I use must be something that they all can understand or relate to. If I am using a reference or word that they do not understand, I have to make sure that I include enough explanation or content for them to understand. By providing sufficient amount of explanation or examples, my listeners will not be lost or confused.

Another characteristic of my audience…
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