The Importance Of A Substance Abuse Treatment Group Essay

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The purpose of proposing a substance abuse treatment group was to break the barriers that mother-child relationships may face in result to maternal addiction and substance-abuse. Treatment that is geared for maternal addicted mothers can help them recover quickly and protect their infant children from the dangers of drugs and health consequences. The program will be gender specific, distinctively for substance-dependent women who are mothers. The group will conduct its work by following through a four step recovery process with professionals who will help facilitate the treatment. There will be Licensed Clinical Social Workers, welfare social workers, treatment clinicians, counselors, addiction treatment nurses, and lead administers and staff.
Literate Review In a Pediatric Nursing Journal (2014), researchers cited that “In the United States approximately 225,000 infants yearly are exposed to illicit substances”. More than 75% of those neonates suffer from a major medical problem compared to 27% neonates who are not exposed. A significant number of infants are prematurely born compared to infants who were not exposed to drugs. Although personal relationships, health, and developmental issues are costly, financial costs are highly common due to the extended stay of the drug-exposed infant who may have neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). Prenatal NAS is one type of NAS that is due to prenatal maternal drug abuse. Infants who may have Prenatal NAS show withdrawal symptoms
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