The Importance Of A Successful Event Manager

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The term event management is generally understood to mean a professional work which aim to create the best experience to running and planning for all the target people, such as customers, shareholders, stakeholders and spectators (Bowdin, 2010). In this case, major business seek for professional event manager to planning for successful completion of specific event and achieve audience satisfaction (Bowdin, 2010). Hence, it is important to understand essential skills need by event managers. Regarding to the question referred a successful event organisation requires manager have appropriate abilities and knowledge to anticipating potential problems and opportunities, also to managing available resources. Base on this judgment, this paper aim…show more content…
In the process of searching on potential occasions for an event, manager requires to be strategic thinking. Managers with strategic thinking skills have ability to use the both left and right sides of their brains, to create an event with strategic purpose to gain the potential opportunities (Armstrong, 2001). Strategic thinking are able to clearly defined and focused on specific event process into list. It lead manager have clearly defined on setting event goals and developing long-term or short-term plans by analysing current environment (Armstrong, 2001). Moreover, creative thinking is also a fundamental skill for events manager to keep it leads to innovation. In essence, critical thinking is about to being an active learner rather than a passive recipient of knowledge (Goldblatt, 2002). To thinking creatively lead manager have board view to seek more opportunities of an event plan. For example, critical thinker are able to find innovative ways to get each of the major component of the contract done faster such as planning, design, and execute during the events management (Vuk, 2010). Thus, creative thinker looks and listens with a mind to finding the best or most suitable chance to complete the events mission. In addition, to quickly seek for potential opportunities an events manager should demonstrate great time management skills. In events management time management skill is to get manager know how to organise the events in each specific
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