The Importance Of A Sustainable Teaching Curriculum

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Sustainability Initially, when the project was started and discussion with the clinic nurse was under way, there was a will to participate and have a program in wound care for residents that would be sustained by the nurses and myself as a physician. Sadly, like mentioned previously, our clinic suffered from reorganization of our nursing services and this decreased their participation in the educational project implementation. Nevertheless, from the outcomes and with the evaluation of this first event, I will have enough proof to convince stakeholders and especially the St. Mary 's family medicine program director. It has been established that after the first research project conducted in 2013-2014, there is a need to meet in order to get…show more content…
Despite this information, 96.2 % of responders found they did not receive enough teaching on wound care and there were a lot of comments asking for more teaching on evaluation of wounds in the clinic. This result confirms the feeling that was obtained from discussions with fellow residents and staff and strengthened the idea that there is a gap in knowledge as mentioned previously. It also denotes that the need was and is still prevailing. Presentation Evaluation The presentation given to the residents was evaluated in two different ways. First, the standard survey from the faculty had to be distributed to the residents and covers a few point which are the quality of presentation, the will to invite the speaker for future presentations and comments. The results on the quality of this survey showed that 40 % of residents that attended the presentation found it excellent, 12 % found it satisfactory and 48% did not answer (Figure 3). Figure 3. Quality of the presentation The second question of the standard survey which asks if the residents would like to have the same speaker showed that 7 out of 25 residents would recommend the presentation to future residents. It is to note that all the other responders did not answer this question and none reported that the speaker should not be invited again. The
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