The Importance Of A Teacher Student Relationship

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Each fall, both teachers and students look expectantly toward the new year as a time of excitement and optimism. Will I be able to help my students learn as much as they can as fast as they can? Will the teacher like me? Will my students like me? With or without research or theory, each member of the class community knows the importance of the teacher-student relationship. As an administrator in an elementary school with both the highest gifted percentage in the count and a visually-impaired cluster unit, it is important that I understand the scientific data surrounding forming relationships to support teacher understanding of its impact on their classroom climate and to encourage methods of class community building. The problem, therefore, is twofold - what is the impact of Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students on teacher-student relationships and what preconceived notions do teachers have that impact their relationships with their students. This is important to the field of education as we transition from the old model of secluding ESE students in self-contained classrooms to the newer model of inclusion. As teachers better understand the research, their behaviors affecting relationship building will be of greater import and, thus, a priority. In “Teacher and Student Behaviors in Inclusive Classrooms” by Nevin Guner Yildiz, teacher and student behaviors were observed and recorded on a data collection form designed according to the time-sampling method.
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