The Importance Of A Teacher Within An Individual Classroom

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My passion for teaching comes from the early experiences that I have had with children. Watching babies grow and develop is one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences that a person can go through. Working with children has changed my life greatly and brought more meaning into it. I believe that the role of a teacher within an individual classroom is to make sure that all children are getting the attention and education that they deserve, and most importantly create a safe and comfortable environment. Learning should be presented in different methods, and styles, filled with creativity, and life lessons. Each child is unique and learns in different ways. As a future teacher, I will do my best too incorporate all learning styles into my lesson plans, and always be prepared to present an activity in an alternative way, so each activity is age appropriate. As a teacher I will engage each child equally into the daily activities, showing that their voice is important and valued. All children need to receive positive and negative reinforcements in order to learn, and become a well rounded individual. Children also need to feel cared for and feel that they have a role in the classroom. Children learn best in a positive and safe environment, where they feel comfortable within the classroom and are free to express themselves. A positive and safe environment creates a close and trustworthy relationships with other children and the teachers, which allow learning to begin. A
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