The Importance Of A Teacher 's Profession

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A1. A teacher’s profession is to impart knowledge to the best of their ability as well as meet the State standards that are the guidelines for what the students need to be learning. In my state of Arkansas, those standards are Common Core. The Common Core is a set of standards implemented by The Council of Chief State School Offices in 2009 to create a learning environment in the United States where all students are meeting the same set of standards to uplift them to higher education and their future careers. The Standards are for Math and Language Arts in an attempt to develop students with critical thinking skills, analytic skills, and who are problem solvers. With this new set of standards, Teachers need to provide varied learning techniques to reach all types of learners. Teachers need to have classroom management skills to create a safe and harmonious learning environment and teachers need to know how to defuse conflict before it arises when it arises, and if it has escalated to the point of bullying. Bullying is a problem in schools. It disrupts the classroom, traumatizes the victim, and perpetuates bad and sometimes dangerous behavior in the Bully. Teachers have a responsibility to be aware of student conflict so that they can help the students learn to handle situations and defuse them for the future, but if that isn 't accomplish-able, then the teacher has the legal responsibility to report any Bullying. Most schools have “zero tolerance” policies for
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