The Importance Of A Traditional Hierarchical Team Structure Essay

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Throughout the semester, numerous topics were introduced that support the effectiveness of not only managers, but anyone who has a future in the workplace. While there is value in all the concepts discussed, I found that some of the discussions inspired new ideas to concepts that I had previously been introduced to in other classes. Thus, these well-known business concepts or practices have been given a clearer definition, one of which I can visualize, rather than simply provide a definition of words for. While some of these work concepts had previously seemed ambiguous, I now feel that there is a direct, structured way at which managers can ensure they are conducting themselves effectively. For myself, one of the most insightful topics covered this semester was the discussion on teams. Previously, I had never considered the differentiation between a group and team. I now understand the importance for a team to have clear purpose. The illustrations of a traditional hierarchical team structure and an actual team structure made it clear how a team should be designed to facilitate equal purpose and authority. The introduction of the dot, as an external support, first as the facilitator, then coach, and eventually consultant; was useful in illustrating what stage of development a team was at. The theory of the dot explained how the role of the external support changes as the team becomes more cohesive. In my past work experience, I have held jobs where I had low to moderate
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