The Importance Of A Training Needs Assessment

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The purpose of a training needs assessment is to identify performance requirements and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by an agency 's or company’s workforce to achieve the requirements. (Office of Personnel Management, n.d.) (Words in italics added) To do this one must follow through a process such as the one proposed by Saks and Haccoun. (Saks & Haccoun, 2013, pp. 102-105) The concern is that there is the potential of non-compliance with electric generation and transmission utility regulatory requirements. The concern is important, because non-compliance can lead to financial penalty, loss of reputation, shareholder concern and investment rating agency demotion. Once the concern and importance have been substantiated and agreed to by senior management, stakeholders will be consulted for both awareness of the importance of regulatory requirements and the relevance of regulatory requirements to their position. Data will be collected using a variety of methods (more on this later) and the results collated and provided as a report to the Training Committee. A number of sources agree that the collected information be analyzed in accordance with the organization, the task and the personnel. (Saks & Haccoun, 2013) (Miller & Osinski, 1996) (Office of Personnel Management, n.d.) Concern and Importance Senior management has been made aware of several issues where uninformed employees have made decisions that may jeopardize compliance with regulatory requirements.
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