The Importance Of A Utopian Society

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Webster’s Dictionary defines a Utopian society as “a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions”. The ultimate goal of a community is create a Utopian society. A society in which everyone is equal in success. Similar to a classroom setting, a community consists of individuals who yearn to make a difference or have a desire for success. In a community, individuals want power, whether in monetary or in social ways. Each member of a community has a responsibility to create a more perfect society through contributions to benefit not only the community as a whole, but himself.
An individual is responsible for donating a portion of their wealth once they have become successful. Each member of a community should reciprocate their success because without the members of their community, the chances of them finding success would be negligible. It is true, “the man who dies thus rich, dies disgraced” (Carnegie 363). To keep ones money when their is no use is labeled as selfish. The wealthy man did not achieve his status alone. He acquired help from his community and should give back to it. Sensibility is found in the idea that people should be able to keep the money they worked hard to earn. Every person wants to be rewarded and those who find success believe they deserve every penny. However, one can not pin his own greatness on himself. It is the support from family, friends, and sometimes strangers which influences the triumph one might find. As
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