The Importance Of A Valuable Tool For Mental Skills And Improve Health

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Mindful breathing teaches how to quiet the everlasting dialogue that truly ravages our brain. It is really simplification of the present without thoughts about the past, the future, or any baggage in between. Simply just breathing deeply while focusing on each breath is mindful breathing. The end result is better mental clarity, focus, and increased physical and mental performance benefiting athletes, students, pilots, and businessmen, to name a few. This discussion covers: reasons why to conduct this valuable tool to enhance mental skills and improve health, mindful breathing in sports, techniques on how to conduct it, and my personal experience and suggestions. Why conduct mindful breathing? It clears the mind allowing one to shed unnecessary and distracting thoughts, thereby reducing the low-grade anxiety associated with the “monkey mind” that constantly involves itself in planning, catastrophizing, or wishing for something different. Taking time to be in the moment with a short break allows the brain’s muscle to recover and recharge. This improves one’s job performance to include sports and academics, enhances relationships, and can help one fall asleep faster. Health benefits include a stronger immune system due to less stress and lower blood pressure, less skin issues from psoriasis, and less symptoms associated with lung disease plus mindful breathing reduces stress on the heart. Mindful breathing in sports. This mental training tool has been used since
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