The Importance Of A Weekend Project Is Much Different Than Others

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Some people 's idea of a weekend project is much different than others. Some people enjoy dragging out dozens of tools, measuring, figuring, sawing and drilling to make something new for their homes. Other people would rather not go through all that trouble just as a weekend project. They 'll be too tired to go back to work on Monday! If you enjoy doing small projects that produce impressive results why not build a nice, wooden headboard? It might sound involved, but if you can use a single tool, like a screwdriver or hammer, you can make the headboard in a short amount of time. Your local home improvement store can help you tremendously when it comes to making the headboard. That 's because, if you purchase the wooden pieces from them, they 'll cut them to the sizes you want. That 's a free service offered at most large home improvement stores. You 'll need two one-by-fours for a twin bed or full bed and four of them for a queen or king size bed. The one-by-fours will hold the wooden pieces and will also serve as the legs for the headboard. Measure from the floor, up, to see how tall you want the headboard to be. Have the home improvement store cut the one-by-fours to that size. Decide how many wooden planks you 'll need to build the headboard you want. You have many options. You can purchase slender planks, and use several of them, or much wider planks and use just two or three. Or, create a design that features a wide board, a narrow one, then another wide one. Before
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