The Importance Of A Women 's Friendship Essay

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The importance of a women’s friendship is to provide a special bond, support system, and everlasting memories so that a concrete relationship will continue to grow and expand throughout a lifetime. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, friendship is defined as “the quality or state of being friendly.” This definition means that a friend is truly someone who is caring and is willing to go out of their way to impact and change one’s life. Friendship truly signifies caring, impact, and the ability to change one’s life through tools such as stories and memories. My story is about my best friend named Jessica. This is about a time where I was stressed in my freshman year of highschool. Out of everyone, she was the first one to give me guidance and keep my mind off of school stress. In addition, she taught me to start living life and let things go. In conclusion, from this experience, I have learned so much about my true passions as well as developed a close-knit relationship with someone I can call a true friend. It was the first day of school, my mom took pictures of my sister as we were on the run to catch the school bus. I remember getting on the bus and looking at unfamiliar faces. I felt so scared and alone. I took a seat next to my sister, seeing picturistic views of the mountains and farms nearby. We were finally here, school. I met my second grade teacher, Mrs.Fallari. She seemed pretty nice and chill. The morning classes flew by and then lunch was next. I
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