The Importance Of A Women's Health

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men. The HIV prevalence is approximately 14 times higher among females (Hinton & Earnest, 2010). This is because most women are sex workers and are unable to stand for themselves. They are at a disadvantage in the their country due to gender equality and violence. Women are excluded from making their own decisions at all levels because all the dominance goes to the men. Women in this country are being underrepresented and it is also affecting their maternal health. Those who are pregnant, 42% do not give birth in a health care setting (WHO, 2015). The commitment to improve maternal health has become the focus of women in Papua New Guinea. The maternal mortality rates is also the highest in the Pacific region. Violence also plays a major role in affecting the women’s health. They experience it from their parents, brothers, sons, and husbands (Hinton & Earnest, 2010). The importance of a women’s health is not valued as much and the status of them is lower than that of men. There are many causes that lead to an increase of diseases and infection. Lack of sanitation, immunization, clean storages, and limited access to health care services are some of the few. There is about 1 doctor for every 17,000 people and 40% of the people there live on less than $1.25 a day (WHO, 2015). Also, people who live under the poverty line is most likely unable to receive medical attention. One major cause of an increase risk of infection is poor quality medicines that endanger a patient’s…
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