The Importance Of A Working Practice For A School

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A working practice is very important to a school and is therefore on display in the school for everyone to see. With the internet and websites being so common, it is easy to display the working practice and make it easily accessible to everyone who wishes to view it. It is also, sometimes, included within the welcome pack and handed out to parents of new pupils, outlining what is important to the school and the things that may be important information to the parents. A school will outline how it wishes to operate, what is expected of the teachers and what is expected of the students in return. It can also highlight how it wishes parents to contribute to their childâ€TMs education. I have included examples of this from Ballachulish Primary School, which is the school that I hope to TA. The Working Practice outlines how it encourages teachers to look and treat each child as an individual and how it caters for all children of every aptitude, offering additional support where needed. Teachers are encouraged to engage children in Active Learning and make learning as enjoyable as possible, believing that education should be fun and that this creates a happy and healthy learning environment. It is also outlined that children are expected to try and to do their best, not only in the classroom but also outside during play time. Children are taught to take pride in their surroundings and to look after the school and the equipment within the school. Children are encouraged to share
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