The Importance Of Abortion

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Abortion is a debate that has been raging for several years. Some argue that abortion is morally permissible and that women should be able to decide what happens to their body. However, others argue that abortion is morally impermissible, and that the fetus must be protected. In this paper, I will argue that abortion is always morally permissible. I will be using Kantian ethics for my argument. My argument begins with explaining the concept of personhood. I will argue that the fetus is not a person. I will then explain why this lack of personhood grants the woman the opportunity of choosing whether to have an abortion or not. My paper will then go to explain why prohibiting abortion will violate a woman’s rights. I will provide examples to develop this violation of rights. The paper will then focus on respecting the fetus and showing how the support of abortion rights does not involve the dehumanization of the human fetus. I will end by tackling the potential objections of my argument. The central concept of Kantian ethics would be the categorical imperative. It is used to evaluate the motivations of actions. There are two formulations that comprise the categorical imperative. The first one is the universalizability principle. This principle states that before acting on an action, one should imagine a world where everyone would act upon that action. If one cannot imagine a world like this then the action is immoral. The action cannot be universalized. The second
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