The Importance Of Academic Challenges In High School

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My storyline

Describe how you taken advantage of a significant challenge i have faced?

I had many challenges during my high school years I had many academic problems.One challenge I had was to present in front of the whole class I didn't want to do it but at the end I did.It wasn't bad I thought I was going to mess up I was nervous though.Second challenge was joining a sport I was a shy kid I didn't want to join anything but my friend encouraged me to play football so I was like might as well I don't lose nothing in trying so I went to talk to the coach and I joined.My frist day of practice was nervous because I didn't know anything about football but coach jose taught me well.It was a good experience loved every single moment I had fun doing it with my family the football team.Another challenge I had was when I was a freshmen and my first day of school I was nervous cause I thought I was going to get lost but I didn't so I was glad for that.Also I was nervous because it was going to be my first time going to high school so I didn't know what was it going to be like.So academic challenges where english because it's my least liked subject but I passed most of them so it's an accomplishment because it was hard for me.Another academic challenge was my sophomore year because when I was in football I was tired and forgot about my homework or got lazy to do it so it was hard but I knew I had to do it.Another challenge was my junior year I almost failed all my classes but I did some work and failed a few and did it during the summer to get my credits.These were some challenges that I faced during my high school years.Some were hard to overcome and some were easy to do.

Describe how you i have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity?

Yes i have taken the opportunity to study to get a better education. Also to get a good career so i don't have to suffer like my dad because he works hard for his money and it goes away fast.So i want to work hard and have some money to spare.I want to get a good career that pays me well and i don't have to kill myself earning it.Some barriers i had during my high school years are my parents got divorced that was very hard for me.It was
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