The Importance Of Academic Procrastination In College Students

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The article talks about the delay in both undergraduate and graduate student’s delays in taking statistics courses until their final semester of school is not a viable option if they want to truly get the best from the program. To be able to understand the worth of any master’s degree one must understand the probability, the mean, the average, the ratio, and the standard deviation of basic concepts to fully understand from a macro level the importance statistics plays on both domestic and global enterprises. The article delves deep into why a majority of students (sample size of 135 graduate students) wait until the last semester to take statistics just to fulfill a graduation requirement. According to the author, academic procrastination, which is experienced by approximately 95% of college students, is defined as the purposive and needless delay in the beginning or completing tasks. The overall purpose of the article is to understand where that fear lies in (amongst which groups), and the necessary steps or processes that must be in place to ensure students are not weary of taking a statistics course and pushing it off till the last semester. As stated in the original article, “the first purpose was to examine the prevalence of academic procrastination among graduate students. The second purpose was to investigate the relationship between academic procrastination and statistics anxiety.” During the study participants were administered the Statistical
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