The Importance Of Access For Safe And Abundant Clean Water

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Motivation Access to safe and abundant clean water is a foundational core that separates advanced nations from underdeveloped nations across the globe. Countries with reliable infrastructure that facilitates water security enjoy economic and social stability enabling health and prosperity for its citizenry. Subsequently, vigilant safeguarding of the water supply is among the highest priorities for developed nations. Climate change, technological advancements and the overall modernization of the population present threats to water stability in the form of widespread drought, contaminated runoff and deficient water management. The dramatic increase in the use of pharmaceuticals is one area of specific concern for scientists charged with mitigating the effect of contaminants on the water supply. Close to 70% of Americans take at least one prescription drug, and that number has been steadily increasing over the past several decades1. With this high level of ingestion of both prescription and over the counter medications, consideration of the total lifetime effect of pharmaceuticals in the environment is paramount. After consumption or disposal of medications, the drugs typically accrue in the water supply. Once in environmental waters, these potent chemicals can interact with aquatic life or end up in human’s drinking supply. Pharmaceutical Entry into the Environment The pharmaceutical contamination of waters is first determined by the human interaction with
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