The Importance Of Accessibility On Your Patients

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The Importance of Accessibility When you are accessible to your patients, they trust you. Your patients know that if they have an emergency at 2 a.m., they have a way to contact you. With the technological advancements in communication, patients expect their healthcare providers to take advantage of texting, emailing, calling and social media; therefore, if you disregard these methods of communication, you may lose potential clients. Furthermore, accessibility builds loyalty because your patients are more likely to return and recommend your practice when your systems are accessible. Personalization Makes Patients Feel Important No one wants to feel like a number, which is why you and your staff need to make each patient feel as if his…show more content…
Learn about your patients’ lifestyles because then you can offer them solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. Encourage your patients to get involved in the process of finding solutions for their dental issues. This helps your patients feel as if they have some control over their treatment. Share Tips By sharing a tip or trick with your patients, you show them that you care. Consider offering your patients lip balm - Let your patients know that they should always carry lip balm with them because dry lips are common for individuals who have braces. The wax or wet cotton tip - Offer this tip to your patients once you apply their braces. If a wire comes loose, they can use wax or wet cotton to keep it from poking their mouth until they get to your office. Explain Procedures and Answer Questions Remember to clearly and simply explain procedures. Take the time to answer any questions the patient has. Keep the lines of communication open about payment plans and insurance coverage. When verifying insurance coverage, ask your staff to make a note about deductible and co-pay amounts for each patient’s policy. This is useful when discussing costs with the patient. Ease vs. Accessibility – What’s the Difference? Ease - refers to making your processes easy to use. If you give your
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