The Importance Of Achievement Has No Color

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One of the most influential quotes I have heard is that “achievement has no color” (Abraham Lincoln). Growing up, I have realized the divergence of two totally different worlds. When I was a child, my parents placed me in a small private school. I grew up around caucasian girls and boys, and always wondered why I was different. Why could they go swimming with their hair down, while mine was pinned up into three skin tight swimming caps? Why did their skin turn red and burn after being in the sun for hours while mine seemed unbothered? Why did their yearbook pictures turn out seemingly perfect while I seemed to blend in with the black backdrop? Even as an adolescent the diversity in skin color became evident. Although the world has progressed exceedingly from the issue of racism, it seems our nation still has problems realizing that we are all equal. Most have already prejudged your personality, intelligence, and family status by the color of your skin. While in private school, I always thought I was equal, just a little different so learning this fact was very challenging. When in high school, the issue of racism and stereotypes only increased. My parents had transferred me from private to public school, and I never knew the two would be so different. When first arriving in public school, I realized that all the clubs, classes, and even lunch were influenced by segregation of skin color. Math clubs contained oriental faces, while certain dance teams were filled with black
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