The Importance Of Achieving GPA

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Jen Johnson once stated, “ High school is not only a place for education, but also a place for students to participate in various sports. Most students who participate in sports are just as 5active in the classroom.” This is relevant since as the quote states above, everyone needs to focus on education just as much as sports. School is not just concerning sports, but also having higher education. Schools need to hold athletes to a certain GPA because no one can depend on going ‘pro’. They also need a good GPA to go to college and achieve a superior job. Having an appropriate GPA also shows that the young adult has commitment to something.
Athletes need to obtain a certain GPA to get into college because they need a backup plan. An example
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If a young adult gets injured and has not tried to get a degree they won't be able to make money and provide for themselves. They will also be able to get the job he or she wants. That's why everyone should focus on their GPA and sports not just sports. This also shows that a student can take responsibility and prove commitment.
Having commitment displays that they are maturing and becoming an adult. If the young adult reveals that they have commitment, colleges will want to accept them due to showing that they take learning serious and want a high GPA. This will also have an effect after college when the young adult needs a job, colleges will want someone who is going to try. Everyone will need commitment if they do go pro because, they will see that if they tried hard in school the young adult will try hard in the sport.
Having higher education is more important than sports. Everyone can't just depend on going pro while they’re in school. If the young adult wants to make more money in college, they need to also be smart. The student also needs to show commitment while they’re in high school. It’s important because everyone needs to be smart in case they don't go to professional sports. That's why everyone should have to have a certain GPA in high
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